Laufende und geplante Studien

  • ETNA-AF - Phase IV-Studie (Beobachtungsstudie)

seit 12/2016. Non-interventional study on Edoxaban treatment in routine clinical practice for patients with non valvular atrial fibrillation. J Cardiovasc Med 2019;20:97-104

  • Global Congestive Heart Failure (G-CHF) - multinationale Versorgungsstudie

seit 05/2018. A global registry to study the demographics, socioeconomic and clinic factors, etiologies, pathophysiology, management, barriers to care, and outcomes of heart failure patients.

  • XATOA - Studie

seit 01/2019. Treatment patterns and outcomes in patients with atherosclerosis (Rivaroxaban + ASS)

  • MILOS - Phase IV-Studie

ab 11/2020. Non-interventional study on the treatment with bempedoic acid and/or its fixed-dose combination with ezetimibe in routine clinical practice in patients with hypercholesterolemia or mixed dyslipidemia.